Omega Schools: International Ed. Spotlight

In honor of the Ghana v. U.S. match today, I am shining the spotlight on Ghana's most innovative education model.

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Where: Omega schools’ 38 campuses are located throughout southern Ghana.

What: Private education for less than a $1.00 a day. Omega Schools is an innovative for-profit chain of low-cost private schools. Utilizing the Pay-As-You-Learn model which relies on mobile phone technology, Omega Schools supplies over 20,000 students with an quality, affordable education.

Who: Ghanaian entrepreneurs Ken & Lisa Donkoh founded Omega in 2008 together with E.G. West Centre Professor James Tooley.  Their model is similar to other low-cost private education providers such as Bridge International Academies in Kenya and Nigeria. Omega is backed by Pearson’s Affordable Learning Fund.

Why: Poor families in Ghana face an educational system structured against them. “Free” primary school still costs when uniform and school supply fees are taken into account. Most private schools have a term or semester payment system, which is beyond reach for families living day-to-day. Omega Schools recognized parents’ desire for quality education and developed a cashless model that families from any socio-economic status would find affordable.

Omega broke even in 2011 with 10 schools and 6,000 students. Later that year, Google named Omega on its list of “organizations that are changing the world” and granted them $250,000 to extend the chain outside of Ghana. Omega schools plans to reach more students with this innovative model by expanding throughout the West African region.  

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