Thankful Thursday: Training Day 4

We agree our work must reflect the rigor we know our students need to fulfill our mission by making sure students enter, succeed in, and graduate from college.
— Strive Prep Ruby Hill Mission Statement

So much to be thankful for this week! 

Monday we dove right into our five page Ruby Hill mission document. One of my favorite statements is the quote above. 

Jorts (sadly?)  fall under the "What Not to Wear" category. Photo Credit: Author's Own

Jorts (sadly?)  fall under the "What Not to Wear" category. Photo Credit: Author's Own

We also discussed why jorts are not appropriate elephant attire, much to Ms. Parker's disappointment and Ms. Mason's amusement. 

Tuesday we tackled a day in the life of a Ruby Hill teacher and took first steps towards becoming elephicient, a.k.a organized and efficient! No magic sauce, just flexi, action plan, and  Gcal will do. 

Wednesday we embraced the child within for some engaging role play! I loved getting to know my enthusiastic colleagues a little better as we analyzed and practiced effective teacher moves, then gave and received feedback. 

This week, I went on a home visit to meet one of our kindergarten scholars. While Mom and I were reviewing the handbook, she paused to tell Scholar, "Did you hear that, you'll have homework every day!" Scholar scrunched up his face in disbelief. 

Photo Credit: Author's Own

Photo Credit: Author's Own

"Everyday?!" The three of us chatted about how school would be hard, but that we were going to learn so much because we're all helping each other to do our best. It's the elephant way.

"Where's my summer classwork?" Scholar asked as I gathered my things.


I'm so grateful for our students and their supportive families! And our awesome team! And the queen of all mascots, Ruby!