Chicago: Baker Miller

I learned a lot. Made a lot of mistakes quickly…and walked away with no debt.
— Megan Miller
Photo Credit: Author

Photo Credit: Author

My friend Megan bakes bread. And mills her own wheat. She and her husband Dave opened a successful pie eatery a few years ago. Theirs is a tale of whirl wind success: newlyweds following their passion from food truck to popular store front. Rave reviews and the national spotlight drew the investment.

Instead of replicating the model that brought the accolades, Megan and Dave chose a new direction. They sold their shop, moved to a new neighborhood, and are on the verge of opening a new store with a completely different concept.

Why? They were not willing to compromise what was most important to them. Was walking away from their creation easy? Of course not. Megan said it took a while, but now she is able to view the experience as a stepping stone. 

We use ingredients for the way they taste/function- not because they’re trendy or understood. We’re willing to re-educate people if that’s what it takes. We’re also constantly studying the history of food- searching for ingredients that were used before the industrial revolution.
— Baker Miller Blog "A Manifesto"

I love the Megan's and Dave's story. There a couple of gems I picked up that I want to bring to my classroom:


1.) Make mistakes now:

Failure is a catalyst for learning. I want my kids to embrace the idea that making mistakes is ideal! Not because error is part of being human, but because learning from mistakes in elementary school will save you costly resources for the rest of your life.

2.) Take risks based on healthy values:

We can all relate to being a child without a care in the world. Then one day the choices begin piling up and they never stop! It takes a lot of wisdom to navigate between the good and the right option. Kids need to learn perseverance. Empathy. Integrity. I believe that cultivating these traits in my students will increase their capacity to take healthy risks. 

Swing by Lincoln Square this summer and feast on the flavor at Baker Miller!