Semester 1 Highlights: Community Circle

“Ruby is watching!”

This magical phrase elicits wonder, self-correction, and team spirit all at once. My kids don’t mess around when Ruby’s watching because they know that every Friday Ruby picks one class to spend the week with. Community Circle is clearly the pinnacle of the week.

Each Friday we expectantly head to the cafeteria where the entire school forms a giant square (no room for a circle). It’s a magical place where if you’re lucky, you may get to wear a hotdog hat and dance the hokey pokey; or do the wave for the first time; or pet a snake form the Denver Zoo, or dash around the school in frantic scavenger hunt for the ultimate prize.

Community Circle provides an opportunity to publicly recognize our kids’ hard work. Besides marching out with Ruby, One class wins the golden book award for homework completion, and one individual from each class takes home a core value award. So Fridays were pretty much spectacular semester one. I’m curious to see how our team will top that in the new year.

Photo Credits: Author's own