Semester 1 Highlights: Halloween

What do a life-sized tooth, 20 "Elsas" and toilette paper have in common? Ruby Hill Halloween of course. You couldn't have prepared me for the cuteness. 

20141031_134234 (1).jpg

The kids were beyond thrilled to wriggle into their costumes and walk down our main corridor around “the stage.” A local dentist office sent a tooth mascot to give out info and plastic tooth bracelets.

Teachers filled bags with creepy surprises such as….wait for it: pencils and erasers!

Not to worry, our kids got their fair share of candy as they rotated through stations in the cafeteria. Mummy wrapping, scarecrow relay, and pumpkin bowling were the more active events.


Teachers fully embraced the Halloween spirit.

For those who preferred, there was a spectacular Frozen party offered simultaneously. Hats off to Ms. Lo for coordinating a smashing success!

Before the kids marched out for their weekend of sugary plunder, we celebrated our classmate T’s birthday over cupcakes. Talk about sensory and sugar overload.