Gratitude: Room to Grow 2.0

Happy Thanksgiving, folks!

Thankful. Much. Why? For starters, I've out grown this blog. It all began as an exercise in reflecting on the process of being a founding elementary lead teacher at STRIVE Prep's first elementary. 

In short, year one was everything it needed to be. Kindergarten opened my eyes to early childhood development, philosophies of education, and instructional leadership in ways I never would have imagined. At the conclusion of this learning (as apposed to difficult) year, I transitioned back into 6th. grade for the opportunity to specialize in an instructional area, specifically English Language Development.

The obligatory mid-year-things-are-finally-making-sense-Mt. Sanitas-hike  Pic               

The obligatory mid-year-things-are-finally-making-sense-Mt. Sanitas-hike  Pic               

Hence, Room to Grow 2.0. Stay tuned for insights and tips as deep dive into English language acquisition, emerging bilinguals, biliteracy, and dual language education. Look for a new theme/topic each month with one tip or resource per week.

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