Happy Poetry Month!

Poetry is my favorite genre to teach ELLs language and content. It’s provocative. Engaging. Differentiated in every way possible.  Available in a multitude of heart languages.  Tackles fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and craft in the most efficient way possible. That being said, I’m very much the novice poet myself. I rely on Google much more than I care to admit, but the internet gods have been favorable.

April's Website of the Month:



Colorín Colorado offers numerous language acquisition resources, but I found their poetry page particularly fruitful for the ESL classroom.

Early on, I provided way to much form and structure for writing assignments. Thankfully, I’ve stepped back in order to allow students to develop their own voice. When it comes to introducing poetry however, providing a simple structure is a great access point for ELLs. Colorín Colorado offers several templates for different structures through which student can begin to engage the poetry writing process.