Photo Credit: Anna Leonhard

Photo Credit: Anna Leonhard

I believe students learn best:

  • When they receive holistic instruction that integrates on character, socio-emotional development, physical health, creativity, critical thinking and academic skills

  • When they are held to rigorous expectations with caring, individualized support

  • When given the room to learn in different ways and at different rates

  • When they perceive their language(s), heritage, and identities are valued and integrated into daily learning

  • When they are equipped with equity literacy (the ability to see, respond to, and redress inequity and oppression)


As an educator, I believe I must:

  • Teach from my passion

  • Believe all children can learn

  • Maintain high expectations for all students

  • Maintain a student-centered classroom environment in which all students feel their voice is valued and respected by teachers and fellow students

  • Provide differentiated instruction based on language proficiency, different abilities, and learning style

  • Continuously deepen my pedagogical content knowledge of literacy and language acquisition

  • Provide explicit feedback that helps students move from their current understandings to a higher level of understanding

  • Work hard to develop positive relationships with all students and colleagues

  • Build my own, my colleagues' and my students' capacity for equity literacy (the ability to see, respond to, and redress inequity and oppression).

  • Intentionally collaborate horizontally and vertically with colleagues in order to meet students where they are and progress them to where they need to be